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  1. Hey if you guys want to play, there is a mini resurrection happening on the Quake 1 discord here, guys playing nightly, come join: https://discord.gg/8gMEEQh
  2. It's really sad, once this site died Quake officially died, how did this just become a forum page?
  3. Way to bring this back in 2018 Sting! That was some weird sync-timing.. I haven't checked this website in years, and I just happened to think maybe I should pop in and check what's up I got 2 daughters now and running my company, the likelihood of me ever coming back is nil brother..! I went back to Canada in August to visit my mom and I got a chance to play a bit.. and honestly the passion just wasn't there anymore. I'm just at a different spot mentally in life now, I told this to Lun over Facebook but I had a feeling like I was 'chasing the dragon' sort of speak.. trying to rekindle something I had in my youth; and there is probably some twisted part in the back of subconscious that secretly still wishes to be some teenager pro-gamer like these twitch kids. If I do visit Canada it'll likely be with my wife and girls this time, so I wouldn't even get a chance to play even if I wanted unless they're all asleep.. What single player games you playing? I've been playing Witcher 3 some again lately.. stopped for a couple of years but I picked it back up because it's so expansive and I hadn't fully explored it yet, plus it's nice to be able to pause when I need to, that's one of the things I dislike about getting back into multiplayer, the inability to just put the damn thing down when I need to emergency walk away for a bit. I'm assuming you found this post by lurking some of my old posts.. boy I was lurking yours just now for a goof and saw some old threads/posts I was involved in where I was clearly big-headed and trying to 'humble-brag'. It's really cringe, I do wish I could take some of that stuff back but it's etched in time, I could delete it as a mod but it would be massively disingenuous, and no one cares that much to go back and read any of that tripe any way. I guess it's a nice learning lesson for me to see how far I've come, but I was in my early - mid 20's then (some posts are over a decade ago in 07-2008, so I would've been 22-23 at the time). You don't realize how much of a child you still are at that point, and the internet has a weird way of framing this captured time bubble that isn't available through any other medium, it allows you to instantly peer into how you used to be, a good tool for gauging yourself. I was hanging out in the Discord with these guys for a while, if you ever decide you wanna chat there just give me a shout / pm here. I deleted my account on there a while back but I'd gladly put it back to chat shit once in a while with you.. I got some other guys on Facebook like Visine, Spoon, Mindz to name a few. So if you wanna hit me up there instead that's cool too just shoot me a PM with your name and I'll add you and we can chat Cheers
  4. let us all gather at chi.pwnz.org:26002 this sunday for some oldschool CTF fun. It will be my last time playing 3wave CTF for the foreseeable future, hope to see all of you there!
  5. Thanks I found a site with all the maps, so I added them individually and it works. Not sure what's wrong with that expansion pack.
  6. Hey guys For a long time when I download the 3wave CTF and 3wave expansion packs from clanhdz website, I notice that the expansion pack maps don't work, I simply don't have them even though the PAK files are in order. In the past I've had to download the maps individually to fix this. Does anyone know where I can get Ziggurat / PIG (I think its CTF3m5.bsp or something) individually? etc.
  7. Enough BS Lun, get on Discord. https://discord.gg/A5YqdUc
  8. The issue persists in that there are WAAAAY too many games on the market now, and the shelf life is extremely short. They need to squeeze what they can out of players, easy learning curve, special abilities, paid DLCs, and the like. That being said, I believe there are two things that hurt the Quake community: 1. Not capitalizing on the game's amazing run during the early 2000's when the most popular players went head to head and there were no games on the market more exciting to watch from a fan perspective. 2. The competition.. I see guys in our Quake chan on Discord playing games like 'PUBG' or 'H1Z1'. ________________________________________________________________________________ Most games now are actually only half a version of the full game on release, and then you just pay for DLCs throughout to get the full thing. I've enjoyed BF1, but the lack of community in PS4 console games is just brutal.. some games are a bit better (like I have friends who are in clans in games like Destiny or Overwatch). Nevertheless, this is a special place, the guys still play Q1 on discord through the community and it's a real niche thing, and I don't think that can ever be duplicated in future games as well. Communities are too large, players are mostly anonymous and from all over the globe. There is real nostalgia to certain older games now.. games like WoW are among them as Baker noted. Edit: To the point above from Baker about gamer populations for various games. A big part of that which I think you may have forgotten to mention is the eSports scene. For example SC2 has been around since 2010, it was in steady decline because the game itself was weak. However, the latest expansion 'Legacy of the void' managed to get it right and capture some of what made Broodwar special.. I've kept up with the SC2 Reddit threads and they've had consistent player growth since the expansion came out; many older players coming back to play it. Moreover, the eSports scene in Korea for SC2 has also ramped up.. I watch the GSL and SSL tournaments weekly in Korea with English casting (the casters are hilarious and people love to come back and listen to them - they're expats well known in Korea for SC - SC2 commentating who go by the name of Tasteless and Artosis - they even have a combined name 'Tastosis' for their symbiosis and humor while casting.. why is this important? Well they have identifiable faces, guys can relate as a community and come back to see their favorite guys.. those guys also come and join up the reddit threads and chat about the game.. Most of the older games you see surviving (aside from TF2) have a real strong community but also have an eSports scene to aspire to and watch (CS GO for example). Quake used to be the hub for eSports, Quake 3 was THE most popular game at one point in the early 2000's when Fatality and Zero4 were going at it. Instead of ramping that up to the next level, they made a mistake by botching Quake 4 badly and not have it resemble Quake 3 properly. That's where things started to derail. People used to make amazing Q3 RJ videos, highlight compilations of the top guys from Europe playing at LANs for big prizes, and the game was booming... they didn't handle the decline properly and now it's playing catch up ever since.. problem is the community is sparse and guys have moved on from gaming (I know myself and many quakers who now have families or have gotten married and moved away from gaming entirely, so this is in large part why Quake is having a hard time capturing that audience and needs to appeal to a new younger demographic to catch them).
  9. Rampage

    The fuck

    try this https://discord.gg/A5YqdUc
  10. Rampage

    The fuck

    Koops, come to this chat - Rambo joined as well, lots of oldschool guys on there and CTF'ers, you can organize games https://discordapp.com/invite/qjRpy
  11. I disagree, many valued members here don't use Facebook and we don't want to alienate those people.
  12. It blocks certain accounts from registering altogether.. I guess based on IP or country, not sure, whatever the parameters Solecord set it to.
  13. It took me 2 seconds to delete it, I've banned the user. It happened 3 times in the past two months, but since the last attack, it hasn't happened in a few weeks; that's because Solecord turned on the anti-spam tool. There's 3 of us here who have been cleaning and banning. If the problem persists I think we can certainly explore what else can be done.
  14. Rampage

    The fuck

    Mono join discord, we're all in there, they set up games nightly.
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