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  1. A nice tut foor beginners, and i even learned two new things :-) Easy, simple explanations to the point.I'm looking forward to more of it.
  2. Thank you [uSER=3696]Spike[/uSER] , that makes it a whole lot clearer for me to comprehend the parameters :-) I will now go and edit the file.
  3. hello guys. Long time no see, i don't even know if you are still around or alive. Been buisy with this really annoying thing called real life for 3 months. However, i worked a little bit on my gore mod here and there and succesfully merged MP 1 & 2 with Qore and the main game. I's a mountain of ugly code now, but it works without bugs. A few days back i started to rewrite the particle textfile for FTE and that's where i ran into problems. I have problems with the tcoord line, which i don't fully understand. Neither i was able to secced by the trial & error method. In a helpful textfile tcoords <s1> <t1> <s2> <t2> [tscale] [rsmax] [rsstep] 0.125 0.125 0.25 0 1 1 0.125 specifies to use a subsection of the image. - I understand what tscale is for, also i (think) i understand the functions of rsmax and rsstep. But when it comes to <s1> <t1> <s2> <t2> my brain melts. I tried to set them to 0 and only use tscale, rsmax and rsstep, but it didn't work. Example: I have a pixelfont with the size of 1024x1024, so tscale is 256 rsmax 8 and rsstep 256. It does not work. That means i don't understand something important. Then i tried to use a single image "texture particles/blood1.tga". It also didn't work. The only thing that got displayed are the tiny white dots that FTe places instead of the blood images that i want to see. i also tried to convert the darkplaces particle.txt file with FTE, to use it as a base. On some effects it works, on others not. I had a look at the file and all tcoords lines use the values 0.125 0.375 0.25 0.25 1 2 0.125 So my Question is: What do <s1> <t1> <s2> <t2> mean? How do i use these 4 digits correctly? btw, it's nice to be back an running :-)
  4. Please move on, there's nothing to see here... This site is still nearly dead. 5-10 people regurlarly posting.
  5. [uSER=9518]H1CC[/uSER] I can relate with a lot of the things you wrote. One does not simply get his act together. That's one of the flat and hollow bullshit phrases. I can't motivate you, but i thank you for the funny read of the first part, that lets me giggle a few times after a broken and outright exhausting day. "You know what, maybe Mindz isn't necessarily somehow "better" than me for handling his situation better." He is the best one to clear out his own problems, like we all are. And i bet he fits into the skinny jeans. Pratice combined with an aim is one of the keys, that's so true that it is nearly obscene. Now i go, kill me some Demons and hope that Christmas is somewhat nice for you guys, despite the shit you go through! Seriously.
  6. Whoa, the quad rune was just a thought i had, i won't talk into your mod! And call it bad taste or not, i like the models. 5-6 Heads seems good, i hope you get it done :-)
  7. Completely crazy stuff! i like that. Somewhere i know that TNT model from :-) I like the spear too. I download it and play it as soon as i'm out of bed again. Got manflu. i'm near death. (pathetic sigh) Edit: Damn, brain malfunctioning. There's no download. This is WIP. I go to bed again :lol: 1.: I like the arenas dark and moldy look, the bone bottom is great. Reminds me of the game Blood. 2.: The weapons look nice. I remember when we spoke about the TNT and your wip posts of the sword. 3.: Looking forward to this. Fighting floating heads... what a cool crazy idea! 4.: The weapon-upgrade & ammo system is nice for arena-based fights, restrains the ammo for powerful weapons and at the same time it rewards the player. 5.: Your weapons have a unique style, i like that. Not too polished and with corners and edges, which causes a retro-feeling at places i don't want to speak about right now. 6.: Floating Quad damage runes, that the player has to hunt and catch to use them... bah, what am i talking, don't mind me, it's your mod! Are you going to add more heads from other monsters? There's a demo playing in my head that pits a player against floating Shambler and Ogre heads, self-teleporting skills for better movement, a head grabbing ability and whatnot. probably the damn temperature. Anyway, i'm following this thread and like what you have so far. The models too. Maybe a hammer for the flintlock. Ok, i'm out again. Read you tomorrow! Greetings :-)
  8. This have been 9 enjoyable playthgrough! i forgot how smoothe Quake 2 was animated in comparison to Quake 1. I think i will port some of the Q2 things over to the mod i'm working on, i like the idea of making the Quake usable by a key. Also those armor shards are nice. They have something similar in Doom. All around Quake 2 has much in common with Doom, as you said! And i must say, it had a good load of mods too, i think even the havok physics engine started as a Quake 2 mod. But i can confuse it with the Havok weapon mod. Wouldn't they be so iconic, i would port half of the Q2 monsters over to Q1... Anyway, thank you sincerly for the 9 hours of fragfest and be praised for saving the earth from a second wave of Stroggs! May your enthusiasm to make the Grave never fade :smile: Thank you for those hours! I'm off now to buy Q2 at gog.com or wherever i find it. Lost my cd ages ago.
  9. I'd gladly be there too, thing is, the login doesn't work for me. Clicking it leads me to a blank site. I'll try tomorrow again. See you there, Dutch! My mod? Uh.. i imagine it being done, so i can play it as i intended it :) Nah, seriously, i have nothing special in mind. It's a little gore mod for 20 minutes of blood and guts, nothing special. The nice thing is, though, it slowly starts to look polished. I will think a about the stylised mod pages you mentioned and write you about the ideas. And please don't overwhelm yourself :-) I already feel honored that Qore is mentioned on your page at all :D Though, it will become a fuckin' cool fragfest for gorehounds. A WAD SUTDIO !? Damn, i'm eager to see what else you have done meanwhile.
  10. Already signed up. I knew you would come around with this sooner or later. You want to spread the news on other sites too?
  11. Didn't meant to be hard on him, shit happens and mostly it doesn't stop if you start to get you shit together. I feel sorry for him and his girlfriend. That's a cruel thing to heppen, not mentioning the anxiety, bad mood and unsureness it causes. Edit: Also, who am i to judge some guy and his life on the other side of the planet? But, H1CC, whoever you are, get your fuckin' shite togetha ore ay kigh ye arse ! Stop living like that and get fo' reel !! Starto believe in somming !!! :kinky::kinky::kinky::kinky::kinky::kinky::kinky: :D Edit2: And STOP collecting dead dogs in your fridge!
  12. Sorry to read that the shit doesn't stop to hit the fan. Hope you and your woman are through with the obstacles and downers. And being a christmas elf is better than being out of work... I think. All good success for you both!!!
  13. https://ftgdw.files.wordpress.com/2012/06/uny9m.jpg ​​​​​​Can't get the pic, 'cause running around without pc. Seems worth.:lol:
  14. You feel unwelcomed? That's not good. I for my part welcome every single bit of new regarding the AD mod. Somewhere else i stated that it's a whole new game more or less and i'm really excited about it. I had a quick look into it and saw some of GGRCs videos playing AD. I will play it after new year and i'm really happy that i saved it up until then. It will be a celebration. Phones out of the window, nailed and bolted housedoor, crushed doorbell, windows all painted black, cats into the animal shelter, tied up neighbours, street closed. No disturbances! Coffee, Cola, Chips. Quakespasm. Headphones. Volume up until my ears bleed. I am a modder and i did some first maps but i neither see the code nor the mapping techniques behind a mod that i play. I want the adventures and the action, the atmosphere and the Quake setting, the nice art design, the simplicity, the gore and the guns. [uSER=9208]sock[/uSER] You and the other modders did an unbelievable job and every inch, corner and pixel sweats the love and work you put into AD and you even seem to develope it further and further. I am thankful for that because AD gives me a lot of the things i really miss in nowadays games. I don't take it for granted. I take it for a big, shiny, tasty present out of nowhere. Consider me a fanboy, not of the guys behind the AD mod but the mod itself (well, nonetheless, you all rock like hell and i'm not gay but i would totally suck all of your Dicks! (meant in good fun, no real intention to do so :))). Greetings and have a nice weekend :D
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