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  1. [uSER=9950]ArrrCee[/uSER] Glad you like it! I wish I could call it beta but so far it is still quite alpha-ish. I will definitely fill youtube with more digital waste once it all starts making sense gameplay-wise, so far I just put random gifs of the progress on my tumblr :) [uSER=11220]TheKillingJoke[/uSER] A good idea is still a good idea. I think Quads appearing every once in a while (maybe when there's a high peak of enemies or after a combo) could enhance the gameplay and make it more varied! It also gives the player a 'deeper' purpose other than just getting a higher score. [uSER=5775]MadGypsy[/uSER] Thanks a lot! This will definitely save me some Blender surgery.
  2. Thanks TKJ! I can make a Quad rune appear whenever you make some xN kills combo in less than N seconds. That would be cool. But first it needs to be playable cause right now it's just a weird mash-up of different behaviors happening all at once without too much sense! Hahah, my weapons have not-sure-what-I'm-doing-on-Blender style or I-don't-like-texturing style :D And yeah about the other heads. I'm mostly taking the scrag AI, replacing the model and tweaking its AI, but I intend on adding at least 5 or 6 total heads.
  3. Flying Heads Quake Arena (FHQA) Hi all, I think it was about time I shared a bit of the mod I'm working on (especially considering the times of decadence QuakeOne seems to be facing). First time Quake modder here, although passionate programmer and web designer so be kind. Of course, every piece of constructive criticism is not only welcome but encouraged! FHQA is a Quake mod where you're pit against endless waves of Quake monsters whose 3D models and animations have been tweaked to consist of only flying heads that kill you as soon as they touch you. When you die, you see your score on screen. Heavily inspired by Devil Daggers. WEAPONS: Sword Spear Semi-auto flintlock gun (so not really a flintlock gun I guess, but it looks like one) TNT ENEMIES (so far): Flying rottweiler head (dies with one hit) Flying scrag head (hovers close and spits Scrag projectiles at you, two is enough to kill you, dies with one hit) Flying zombie head (dies with two hits, moves slower) WEAPON MECHANICS: Spear knocks enemies back Every 3 melee kills (spear/sword) you get +1 flintlock ammo Every 10 flintlock kills you get +1 TNT ammo TNT doesn't damage player SCREENSHOTS: It would be pretty nice if there was a way to make a GET/POST request to a external server to load/send score results but I guess this is not possible with QuakeC (at least not with my current knowledge of the framework). I work on this during my spare time when I'm not learning for University or creating websites to be able to eat but I will try to update this page with updates as soon as there's any. I'll be happy to read any feedback and also thanks to whole QuakeOne community for the invaluable help I've been getting since I signed up here. Best, wizardmachine
  4. Seems I was using an old version of qbsp without light.exe or vis.exe. Thanks TheKillingJoke!
  5. Hi all, I'm trying to understand Trenchbroom and light entities. It seems there's always some sort of generic light added by default which I'm unable to turn off. I want to be able to dictate from the very beginning of map creation where every light source goes but every time I compile, everything is 100% lit (and there should only be light where I placed light entities). I'm compiling with qbsp if that helps clear things out. Some help would be appreciated :)
  6. I made the mistake of buying it some time ago and now I'm the proud owner of a $30 Chest Box Opener Simulator 2017. In short: Graphics OK but nothing out of this world, I like the scenery of the maps and that's about it. Gameplay is fun only the first match, then it's just eugh... Generic lame-ish voiceover with supposed-to-be 'cool badass' sentences when you choose a character. Matchmaking is pretty pretty bad (10 out of 10 matches always total rookies vs super experienced people complaining that they always get matched with rookies). It seems that consumed ammo depends on framerate (meaning people with higher-spec PCs will always be more likely to kill opponents with clunkier PCs). The main menu looks like a honeypot website filled with clickbaits and premium and loot boxes and amazing dollar sign chest open did I say premium buy more now moneys! I'd rather staple my hand to a desk than play that game again. In fact, it was after playing it that I decided to go back to good ol' Quake1.
  7. Hey, TKJ! Nice to see some progress on the player gibs for multiplayer. I hope these will include painloops too :)
  8. OP needs to watch this in around ~10-15 years from now on: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vab9K4RJ9qc Let's all remember, good and kind people, that at some point in time we adults were also children - there's no point in judging because it serves no purpose and it doesn't help. However, we should be clever enough to be able to see that some times, a call for attention can translate to 'call for help' (not in the meaning of help itself but maybe as some sort of understanding/seeking approval, like most gregarious animals do after all). QuakeOne is indeed a rather unusual place to express such feelings and that's precisely why, if anything, the people around here should be proud that minorities come here to let their hearts go wild under the broken shield of online anonymity. Admer, troubled one, it'll pass. Keep an open mind and remember that in the big scheme of things you're just as insignificant as the next Joe. Best, wizardmachine
  9. I'm loving the incinerator. It's really getting me in the mood for some texturing aaand it's gone. Looking forward for more! Best, wizardmachine
  10. Hi all! I'm not able to see my dedicated Darkplaces server. I created the following bat file: start "C:\Quake Dedicated Server\" darkplaces.exe -dedicated 16 -port 26000 +set deathmatch 1 -condebug -mem 64 -zone 8192 +set timelimit 15 +set fraglimit 20 +set hostname "wizardmachine test server" +set sv_protocolname quake +set noexit 1 +set pausable 0 +map e1m1 sv_public 1 The server starts fine and this is what it looks like: Every where I look it says that I need to do port-forwarding but this is on a rented server, not my computer, so I guess there's no need to do that with Darkplaces (unless I got it all wrong :) It obviously doesn't appear on the public darkplaces server list and connecting directly with the IP doesn't work. Port 26000 has been opened in Windows Firewall. What could be the issue here? Best, wizardmachine
  11. Thanks Dutch. I have some Blender experience but getting functional models into Unity3D is way easier than doing the same for Quake (even though I'm aware it's only because of lack of knowledge)! These steps already clarified lots of doubts so I think I'm good to go and give it another shot.
  12. I also kinda feel like this is the end of some party, especially with the current design of the page. What's wrong with throwing in some custom.css file and style it in a slightly darker way? This is literally a 30min operation with an additional 30m (give or take) for tweaking and what not. Maybe a 'background-image: url("seamless_quake_walls_texture_or_whatever.jpeg");' applied to the body instead of the current 'background: #E3E3E3 url("http://quakeone.com/images/css/bckg_page.png")' which is super not nice. The palette itself could also be changed to match 4 or 5 colors from Quake's palette so that footer-tabbar, channel-tabbar and the rest of buttons and colored things are actually colored with Quake colors. I could try some customization based on the current scheme, take a few screenshots and post them here if there's such need. Anything (including deadbody removal!) for a community that has already helped me so much (also because browsing QuakeOne in its current state at night is like throwing salt and lemon to my eyes).
  13. I think I got it. I understand that I should be able to select the stock and everything should be parented to it (on 1st, 2nd, 3rd or whatever degree basis as described in your second post), would this be what I actually select for the final export (since it would take into account all of the children)? However, after reading again your first point I'm still a bit confused. You mention that I can only have an object, but in reality I will have a few different objects (only parented to the stock somehow): stock+bow (could be joined without issues) string bolt Will the fact that they're rigged and parented make a difference during export? I haven't tested it formally but I believe last time I exported something with children/parents they were also ignored by the exporter and it only exported the currently selected item (but it could have happened because I'm even far from being a rookie Blender user).
  14. Hi all, Every time I have a 3D model whose animation requires more than one 3D object (for example the attached crossbow) I find myself in a position where I have no idea how to import the model into Quake. I can group objects with Ctrl+G, then rig the model and animate it. Everything will be fine until I decide to export because at that point the .mdl exporter plugin will simply export whichever object I clicked on when selecting the whole group, but will ignore the rest of objects in the group. If I decide to go clicking on every object holding shift, it will only export the last object I clicked. If I use Ctrl+J it will join the objects and everything will be exported fine and in Quake the whole model will appear, but it's just not possible to animate a joined model, it's madness. There must be some way to export grouped objects as a .mdl from Blender...! What is the normal procedure when doing this? Is there a way to work with the animations using a group and then join them after it's animated? Maybe using a different format that could be imported into Quake using grouped objects? Thanks!
  15. I unpacked the texture, saved a new image externally and linked the source path of the image back again to the texture slot in the material assigned to the object. Issue seems gone!
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