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  1. This Quake 2 unit features some cool Quake 1 flavored parts along with some good architextural pieces. Unfortunately I got lost a bit, so the experience was a little muddled for me, but still, lots of cool stuff going on here!
  2. Here's a really great map with an egyption theme and story to boot! There's a lot of great stuff in this map and it's another one you should add to your list of maps to play!
  3. We jump into Shifting Planes of Existence, a pretty awesome map where if you haven't played it, I recommend checking it out!
  4. Continuing on with Episode 210, we jump into another new authors map Bizarre Bizaar!
  5. Hey all, I just realized I haven't been posting new episodes as I put them up, so here is the first update! This is the Xmas Jam from last year, lots of maps in this pack so it's a lengthy 2.5 hours long. Enjoy!
  6. Great pack! If anyone hasn't seen it yet, here is the Quake Grave episode for it from last week:
  7. Sorry, I forgot to post this one up here a few days ago! Today we jump back to Quake 1 and tackle the recently released Organic Dissociation. It's a green and slimy place, full of monsters, pipes and acid! I thought it was a really cool map, check it out! No Christmas episode until after I get back from the holiday, since the XMas map pack won't be out till later anyway. So expect a late Christmas flavored episode some time next week. 8) [video=youtube;L2-9W6um72k] If you want to watch even more Quake Grave, the playlist with all of the episodes is here:
  8. [uSER=5775]MadGypsy[/uSER] Just as a heads up, I wanted to say thanks for making this cool site! This looks really well organized and professional and it really does make everyone's project look special. I wouldn't get discouraged that no one has visited it yet, I think it's just that QuakeOne.com doesn't get the traffic it used to so your post might be going unnoticed. :surprised: Secondly, I only had a moment to look at the site earlier and was not expecting The Quake Grave to be front and center like that! Thank you very much! I plan to make an account tonight after work and I'll start posting over soon! I can also supply you with a new banner with the new logo as well if that is an option. ;)
  9. Ha! This looks insane! I'm looking forward to see more of what you're going to do with it. If you didn't do so already, you should get some beta footage up on youtube!
  10. Hey Mind, Sorry to hear about all of this. I just sent you a PM, get back with me.
  11. LOL this is hilarious!
  12. And of course, the final episode for main Quake 2, Uni 9 and the Final Boss! Thanks for wathcing everyone, I'll be back next week with more Quake action! :D [video=youtube;horh0K-cL_U]
  13. Here is Part 7, only one more episode to go tomorrow! The Final Boss!
  14. [uSER=11220]TheKillingJoke[/uSER] I might have to agree with you that Unit 5, though it had a lot of the crazy stuff going on with the marines, the maps in Unit 5 felt off. They felt more like custom made maps then ID made maps. Playing this single player REALLY took back to those times too. Playing CTF till 3-4 in the morning and playing Quake 2 endlessly when school was out. Zumlin was my model for multiplayer, I played with him in Part 1, but Ratamahatta is really quality model too. When I came back a few years ago to start The Quake Grave, I was surprised to see that the love for Quake 2 wasn't there, but I think everyone mainly meant the single player and I can understand that. Quake 1 single player is so fast and responsive compared to Quake 2. However Quake 2 multiplayer... damn was that good! I used the Knightmare Quake 2 engine. Runs great besides the shadow stuff that I point out in the episodes. That's weird, Part 6 should be in the playlist! I'll look into it. I already have a Quake 2 unit lined up to play that was just released last weekend that we will be getting to before the year is over, so the Quake 2 nostalgia will continue on!
  15. Anxiously awaiting this for Xmas! =)
  16. [uSER=9929]Dutch[/uSER] I think Cerberus is an awesome name for a new game series! The Quake 1 soundtrack is something I've recently turned on in my videos because I wanted to try and understand when everyone says it's their favorite game soundtrack. Others just say it compliments the game amazingly. While I can agree with the latter as it does compliment the game really well, I don't know that I'd say it's the best ever. Give it another 20 years, I may change my mind though.You never know! [uSER=11220]TheKillingJoke[/uSER] Wow, that a huge compliment KillingJoke, thanks! You'll have Quake Grave episodes all week here for Quake 2 and I'll be back with another Quake 1 episode next week too. =)
  17. [uSER=9929]Dutch[/uSER] Your attention to detail is amazing! You're the first person to notice that I removed the "Rise from Your Grave" piece. I removed it because of the new sound effects and intro, I didn't think anyone would notice! As far as the 2 Quakes being different, it's odd because I feel like Quake 2 has more in common with Doom than it does Quake. It could've been "Doom: Rise of the Strog" and I don't think anyone would've batted an eye. I think I actually dig the soundtrack for Q2 more than Q1. Q1 is it's own thing music-wise and it matches the game, but I'm not as into ambient music as some others might be. Sonic Mayhem seemed to just nail it here. To each their own though! The other thing I forgot to mention with Quake 2 is it's the first ID Software release without John Romero at the developer! I learned about the third person Quake 1 thing just recently when I found out about the Quake 2 third person camera. I may do a Quake 1 third person episode in the future too. =P
  18. [uSER=9929]Dutch[/uSER] Seriously!? There is a secret in the end map with a monster brawl?? These AD maps never let up with the secret stuff, lol.
  19. [uSER=11220]TheKillingJoke[/uSER] It's almost two much to bare! Here's episode 2, part 2 for the quake 2 playthrough: :cool:
  20. Well here we are! It's episode 200 of The Quake Grave! It's been a long road to get here and today I've decided to play through all of Quake 2 for you because today also marks the 20th birthday of Quake 2! Keep in mind I'm playing through in 3rd person, I hope this doesn't trigger anyone, but I wanted to change it up a little. =) As of today, we're adding Quake 2 into the fold on The Quake Grave so every now and again there will be a Quake 2 Unit or map added in for flavor. I know this is controversial because there are many out there who dislike this game, but Quake 2 was a big part of my online gaming life back in the 90's, so I think it deserves a bit of recognition. I will be releasing a new episode of the playthrough every day for the next week, so you won't have to go too long without seeing a new episode for it and/or you won't have to sit through Quake 2 for 8 weeks straight if you're not a big fan of the game. Also, I'll only be updating this thread when the new episodes are available as to not clutter up the forums. Please use the link below to see all of the episodes in one playlist. =) By the way, there are a lot of 2's here. Quake 2, 200 episodes, 20 years old. It's kind of weird... Anyway, enough talking! On with the show. [video=youtube;E-T2CYVO0kM] Here's the Quake 2 playlist, soon to be updated with only the Quake 2 episodes:
  21. Sorry all, I'm late posting about this here because it has been a busy busy week for me! We're at Episode 199 and also at the end of Arcane Dimensions! Of course, I will continue to play Arcane Dimensions levels as they come out piece meal, but this looks to be the end of the normal mod release. All I can say is what an amazing release for Quake and it's still hard to believe that it's free for Quakers. Everyone did an amazing job and I'm glad I finally took the time to jam through it. I wanted to make sure that I had AD all set before episode 200 as I set out on a new adventure, which is coming sooner than you think. But what could it be!? =) You can watch all of the Arcane Dimensions series here: If you want to watch even more Quake Grave, the playlist with all of the episodes is here:
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