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  1. I would be more than happy to help you troubleshoot and solve this, but I refuse to contribute to this dying site any further. If you ask this question over at: http://www.nextgenquake.com I'll give you a hand. I've exported more blends to MDL than I care to admit.
  2. Dutch

    The Qompendium

    If anyone wants to get a hold of me, I will be over at qompendium. Quakeone has basically told us to get lost, so that's exactly what I'm going to do. I hope to see you all over there! If not, then it's been good and I wish you well! --dutch
  3. I think it's safe to say at this point, that ain't gonna happen. I've seen him post once in the last 3 or 4 months. At any rate, I'm glad guys like you and ArrrCee are still around.
  4. Images are showing fine! Thanks for the heads up! Please keep posting stuff, I know it seems like no one is here anymore but there's a few of us that only get the news through here...old habits die hard I suppose. Much appreciated, and your map looks fantastic so far!
  5. Yeah I would have named quake 2 something like Cerberus...I think that's the name of the strogg city you're fighting into. There was definitely a time I would have agreed about the soundtracks...in fact I used to pop in the q2 cd and listen to it while playing q1 lol. But I gotta say, the NIN soundtrack has seriously grown on me. And for the record, I'm casting a HUGE vote in favor on bringing back "rise from your grave!" every time I start one of your vids I crank the shit outta my speakers for that part, and for the theme song. I absolutely love it.
  6. They sure don't! It's near one of the book altars..I think near the top of the level. You'll see a crack in the floor you can hack through. Once you have the nailgun it's game on. Lol.
  7. Pretty neat to see some Q2, really takes me back. I think I bought it in 2000 or so, couple years after it came out. I agree it probably should have been its own thing and not share the name of Quake but it's still a badass and very fun game IMO. I always loved the soundtrack, the track on the 2nd level is my favorite. Not sure if you knew this or not, but a few Q1 engines support 3rd person as well. Type in "chase_active 1" in the console. Obviously 0 turns it back off. Hey BTW...what happened to "RISE FROM YOUR GRAVE!" Absolutely loved that first part in your videos! Or are you saving that for Q1 videos?
  8. Haha I was laughing as you played through the end map. "What the hell, the map lied, there are monsters!" So those books floating around are basically credits, if you read them they'll dislplay the mod author names. There is 1 undocumented secret that earns you a super nailgun...and a big monster brawl. Lol.
  9. "AD for me is about the consistency of the artwork, it was designed to be balanced visually across all assets and to work with the existing Quake assets. I wanted the mod to feel likes its got the original Quake ambience and like it could be part of the original Quake universe." Nailed it. Making an asset that goes beyond the original look and feel of the game leads down a treacherous road. All of a sudden, nothing in the game looks like it belongs next to your high-res high-poly model/texture/whatever. You soon find yourself redoing assets that normally you would have left alone. On top of that, a decent Quake texture can be made in a matter of minutes, if the creator has some experience under his belt. Making a beautiful 2048x2048 RGB-based multi-mapped texture takes considerably longer, I don't care who you are. Personally, I'd rather see Sock spend his time making quality maps than making unnecessary artwork. Folks like talisa are hard at work converting Sock's world into HD, which I think is a win-win. Sock and crew stay focused on what draws the faithful crowd to the mod, and talisa brings in the people that like the fancy stuff. I have played and replayed AD maps over and over. I didn't have this much fun with Quake when it was brand new. There's not a game on the market that can compete with the quality and fun they are producing. Proof that graphics don't trump gameplay.
  10. Excellent !!! I've become a regular viewer of your Twitter page waiting for more news. This is good to hear. General aside: I know it doesn't matter now, but to anyone who read my previous posts regarding command-line options in this thread...I provided some misinformation. You don't add -game quoth or -game hipnotic. It is simply just -quoth or -hipnotic. This allows the HUD features without running the quoth or hipnotic mod. Thanks to mugwump for reminding me of that in some other thread.
  11. Fuck off bot. Next item please... Acapella quake could be like S&M metallica...idea sounds terrible but damn it rocked!
  12. Haha! Regarding the small amount of people playing your mod...that should increase drastically when its in a more completed state. People like finished products. Keep up the good work.
  13. Zendar is still my favorite! I REALLY hope sock includes ivory tower in the next release, that's a great map too.
  14. This is exactly where I thought you might end up: switching to FTE. :) I really don't know why DP draws so many people to it. More information floating around for it? I think FTE has a slightly higher learning curve for modders, but it's well worth it. Either way, it's great to see this because FTE runs on my computer so much better than DP. Your mod may just be what starts "converting" people to FTE. Actually, a better word would be "graduating". No disrespect to DP of course, I bet if it was being actively developed with the care spike still puts into FTE it would be a much more polished engine.
  15. [uSER=8705]PRIMEVAL[/uSER] Just checked out some of your music...I love it! Are you using FL studio?
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