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  1. Things got worse, but I'm enlightened about life. im optimistic, things are looking up now. Glad to hear from you Monty
  2. :P Q1 you aren't forgotten. Pew Pew Pew
  3. :P Q1 you aren't forgotten. Pew Pew Pew
  4. Life is good, being a felon sux. Finding steady work as a 3x felon has been a shitty objective to accomplish brahs. The woman I've been seeing since 1/11/2016 was robbed this year , it's a gigantic cluster fuck if don't make sense... Day/Night 1 ; her house is destroyed/wrecked/tossed , amazingly the only items missing was her boys disk light. Valuables are not taken, guns are not taken, APPEARS to be a staged robbery. My thoughts? Her crazy ass husband tossed the place to make it look like a robbery to get her on his shoulder n shit.... Day/Night 2 ; her not quite yet legally separated husband decides to stake out the imo faked ass robbery, and imo he set up some schmucks he was being a gay dick sucking lover with to show up to be his Patsy's / fall guys. That nigga shot a dude in the face and imo the only reason that makes sense to me is attractive to catch a dead body cuz dead men tell no tales. Don't believe this Jerry springer / Lifetime level shit? Check out the fkn local news interview that happened the next day. http://www.wcyb.com/news/virginia/smyth-county/residential-shooting-one-person-in-critial-condition/625018757 I can't make this shit up ;( Any ways I'm looking for donations for her kids Christmas. PayPal is what I got right now. We're all staying at her parents essentially trying to sale Knick Knack on Facebook Marketplace. It's halfassed working, we signed up for.Santas elves. Anything.u. can do to help, it's appreciated. My PayPal info is attached to mindfieldzx@gmail.com If u donate much appreciated, if ya wanna harp on me or something (Michael) just shoot me a PM fkr :( Thanks , I'll post credits to those who helped if ya want it. Add to my signature special thanks or something. Give u a handjjob or some shit jk jk
  5. Glad you haven't changed Michael. I wouldn't be concerned if you had or hadn't, but I assure you I'm a changed man. Your words of judgement and what not offer nothing to me of use, just thought the community I have been apart and helped grow wouldn't mind hearing from me, and as you are apart of this community I will tell this much, I appreciate your half ass concern, even if it's lost in translation, I've missed you too. What all you been working on, besides editing posts? :)
  6. SHIIIIIIIIIIIT, I wish Jail was anything like you had described. I assure you, I sailed off, but it wasn't into any sunset. I'm not gone forever, I'll be back. Bet!
  7. fyi , jail sux. June 20th... breaking and entering, grand larceny. Warrant for arrest issued, Out on $5000 unsecured O.R. Bond July 6th.... possession of a schedule 1 or schedule 2 controlled substance, bond violated Went straight to jail that night, arrived at like fkn midnight. Seen a judge sometime between 6th of July and 1st of August for for a 2nd bond hearing,due to many circumstances, bond denied. August 11th , I go to court to get my guidelines, which I was told ealrier in the week on a tuesday,I wouldn't be entering any plea's of guilty or not guilty, no plea bargains would be offered, just establishing my guidelines. This didn't turn out to be true, the Commonwealth Attorney offered a plea bargain that day. $1500 in fines, no restitution,probation , no incarceration. Naturally I took it. August 21st , Preliminary Court , my lawyer got my court date moved up from September 27th to August 21st, as per my guidelines recommending no incarceration, the judge and commonwealth attorney decided I had sat in jail long enough and it would serve no purpose to continue to let me sit in jail, but this is only after I demanded my lawyer request Pre-Trial services for me, which is essentially being released from jail out on bond (again) , which pretty much provides me with enough rope to hang myself. Why my lawyer wanted me to sit in jail longer? Because I wouldn't have to go back to court! I told him I gave no fucks about going back to court, I'd rather go back to court and get out on bond THAT DAY rather than sit in a fuckin jail for any extra length of time. I'm 36 years old, and my life is in shambles. I've given my gaming computer to a very special young man to take care of, the son of the woman I'm in love with, but I'm putting it back together. He's my gamer buddy, and his sister is my little princess. Being away from my loved ones has flipped my view of the world... What's that mean for the die hard Q1 fan Mindz? It's not goodbye, nor is it the end. I'll pop in from time time to update you on my progress of re-integrating into society and what the status quo is, but I can go ahead and let ya know now, life of drugs, even weed, being a criminal and crime? It's rear view mirror only. Too much to lose. Judge told me I could face a maximum of 50 years on my 3 felony charges, I would be an old man @ 86 years old. I want nothing but to be capable of providing for a family, and as such, gaming chapter has been closed along side drugs and crime, and I'm okay with that. nearly 2months in jail being away from my soulmate has accomplished what 18+ years of hardknocks couldn't. being in the pokey truly sux and forces you to reflect. Sincerely, Christopher 'Mindz' Collins
  8. lol, bro we'll just have to chat sometime soon..... To anyone who tried deciphering any of that, it was a valiant effort but don't stress : it wasn't intended to be anything but a spot to re-run the nights happenings. I swear my obit will read "He really liked ****y too much" , at least it better damnit. I have made this clear to many ppl.
  9. Mindf!3ldzX


    What a fucking night. No,seriously. -The Struggle is REAL -Irritatingly said FK it, headed into town on foot. -Got instructions that Christina needed cigarettes -Christina messages me and says come on to Jess's (MmmmHmmm) -I get there,and neglect to obtain advance my notice to dis-the-fuck-appear -While Christina is in the shower scrubbin her fn butt, I hear god damned KEYS, HIT, DA FUCKING , DOOR KNOB , and it jingles and in walks the Mr. Holsters do great jobs of holding pistols. Mindz does great jobs of supplying reasons to unholster. All I know is I'm bout to pick up that paceeeeeeeeee
  10. ATTACUE is a familiar name, I recall interacting with this person and they was on-the-level. The name is of Quakeone.com origins (the memory anyway....) I probably maintained the most extensive collective of EXE's for DirectQ, I kept every one that functioned appropriately for me, the later versions of DirectQ suffer a unfamiliar issue, I would have to plug in a new exe and see what happens. I do know when I connect to a fuck-ing-server the bitchass console just slaps me with Disconnected (aka go fuck yourself and your attempt to connect to any servers period..") anyway to watch the actions that occur via a log or some shit... something really dumb is killing the connection upon getting it going my thoughts was autoexec (doubt it, this has went with me everywhere for years) config.cfg (I dont think this fucker is even used by DirectQ's) directq.cfg (here probably lies the problem. I really, really dont rebuilt a quake folder but I'll do that tonight, cuz fuck problems. Seriously, 2016 almost gone and Q1 shows its ass out of nowhere, AFAIK
  11. Rest assured I have every, single, flippin .EXE you ever sent me to test buddy. You're a hero, and I can not wait until the day u have more stuff i can test out ^_^ none of them are fake either. I know u remember me pestering you once every 1-3 weeks for something to test. 8)
  12. uhhh Yes it does fuckin exist .... DirectQ 2.0 = DX11 variant of DirectQ , it became the pinnacle of DirectQ's imo.... I'm uploading entire DirectQ collection, agaaaaaaaaaaaain.... Won't everyone here in this thread, wanting to get a copy of MH's near-speed-of-light Q client, do the favor of Re-uploading once you succeed at downloading the whole thing, it was be very appreciated. Anyone who can re-up and post a link here it would be appreciated. I have faith
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