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  1. Version 1.0.0


    Modified netquake engine pulling in many great features from past engine developers
  2. Thanks for favicon. Need sole unfortunately, don't have FTP access.
  3. A few things to note: This forum is far from it's old self. I don't see any of the old news articles or archives. It would be a real shame to lose all that. I can only do what I have access to. There's a bunch of things I'd like to see done: -Fix styles that I didn't find or gone over -Fix the styles that look like shit (I'm not a UX professional) -Add SSL cert -Upgrade to newest vb5 version -Fix the icons ( need a better sprite that's optimized for dark themes) -Add old logo or someone create a new one -Server Browser needs to be pruned and styled up (I don't know where he code for this is) -Bring back the community? -Did I mention I hate vb5? I need Sole's help for some of these
  4. Hey all, I've gone through and tried to update all the previous styles for this site. I can see why Solecord lost interest - VB5 basically rewrote the entire interface, so the old styles were useless and a complete re-apply had to happen. BTW vb5 is trash, I'd never recommend this forum software. I spent a LOT of time getting the site to where it is - the variables are inconsistent - names don't match the use, hardcoded values, or not specified at all. Several "modules" were thrown in, some of which use variables - some don't. I know there will be places I missed, so if something doesn't look right, drop a screenshot in here and let me know where it is so I can fix it.
  5. Both qrack and proquake both have in game server browsers. You probably noticed this site's home page has a listing of servers. There's also Real Time Server Browser which can show you when players have been active on a server.
  6. In the meantime you view active servers here Real Time Server Browser
  7. Smells like a firewall issue. The host requires UDP ports open for all the servers (port 26000-2600?) qstat reaches out to. Maybe ask your provider if there's anything blocking those ports? If it worked on one server, and not the other - and no configuration changed, it has to be a networking issue..
  8. can you get it to work locally from the command line?
  9. WASM is right around the corner, you'll be able to use whatever language you want as long as it compiles to wasm.
  10. Definitely need syntax highlighting, helps with skimming through code and quickly parsing code features Here's my current environment (VSCode), supports intellisense/syntax highlighting with most of the languages I use
  11. This is why newer CRmod has issues on other engines (I attempted to use it in JS Quake) - the developer of CRMod created a QC compiler (qccx) which allows the QC dev to access memory directly, which is great for adding features, but breaks compatibility for engines that map memory differently
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