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  5. Version 1.0.0


    Modified netquake engine pulling in many great features from past engine developers
  6. Solecord


    Welcome to your new Invision Community! Congratulations on your purchase of our software and setting up your community. Please take some time and read through the Getting Started Guide and Administrator Documentation. The Getting Started Guide will walk you through some of the necessary steps to setting up an IP.Board and starting your community. The Administrator Documentation takes you through the details of the capabilities of IP.Board. You can remove this message, topic, forum or even category at any time. Go to the documentation now...
  7. Thanks for favicon. Need sole unfortunately, don't have FTP access.
  8. I think it's kind of a shame that people point to Discord servers as a not-so-bad explanation for how the community is still alive. I use Discord to some extent, but I'd be lying to you if I said that platform wasn't cannibalizing the last remnants of the once decentralized net. For all the years of forum drama, and ridiculing the stereotypes that come with the territory, it really is a crying shame what's become of forum ilk given the much worse alternative of having to rely on multinational advertising corporations with shady terms of service, which is the future we are living in. Despite all of this, I will continue to post here occasionally as long as the site is around.
  9. Good to see someone working on this! Thank you Efess.
  10. I wish I would have known you were doing this. I restyled this site over a year ago to make a personal point that there was no excuse. It took like 3 or 4 hours. Anyway, I could have saved you a lot of time. Good job. P.S. favicon
  11. Thank you Efess. You made a huge progress to the sites visual. I can only imagine how much work it was after all that you described/explained. Best wishes, Seven
  12. A few things to note: This forum is far from it's old self. I don't see any of the old news articles or archives. It would be a real shame to lose all that. I can only do what I have access to. There's a bunch of things I'd like to see done: -Fix styles that I didn't find or gone over -Fix the styles that look like shit (I'm not a UX professional) -Add SSL cert -Upgrade to newest vb5 version -Fix the icons ( need a better sprite that's optimized for dark themes) -Add old logo or someone create a new one -Server Browser needs to be pruned and styled up (I don't know where he code for this is) -Bring back the community? -Did I mention I hate vb5? I need Sole's help for some of these
  13. Hey all, I've gone through and tried to update all the previous styles for this site. I can see why Solecord lost interest - VB5 basically rewrote the entire interface, so the old styles were useless and a complete re-apply had to happen. BTW vb5 is trash, I'd never recommend this forum software. I spent a LOT of time getting the site to where it is - the variables are inconsistent - names don't match the use, hardcoded values, or not specified at all. Several "modules" were thrown in, some of which use variables - some don't. I know there will be places I missed, so if something doesn't look right, drop a screenshot in here and let me know where it is so I can fix it.
  14. Here is an early preview of the tool: QuakeEd.zip Your Mac, no doubt, will complain about the unsigned, unnotarized app, and will deny, then ask for permission to open the app. Just a heads up. (If you prefer to run the application directly from source code, the Xcode project containing QuakeEd can be found here: https://github.com/Izhido/Quake_For_OSX ). Before running the app, please open Terminal and run: cd / sudo mkdir /qcache sudo chmod 777 /qcache When you open the app for the first time, it will ask for the location of a .qpr file. Included in the zip is a folder containing roughly the structure of a QuakeEd project, with the example quake.qpr and jrbase1.map that came with the original Quake-Tools package as released by id. Once you specify the location of the .qpr file in your machine, please go to Preferences, press the [current] button next to the "Startup project" textbox, and then *close the app* and *open it again*. Only then you will be able to open the jrbase1.map that appears in the Maps inspector tool in the app. Other than that, you should be able to open any .map file you want in the application. Instructions to use QuakeEd are provided in the Help inspector tool, also accessible via "Help" in the menu. Have fun, and let me know what did you find out!
  15. Hello everyone!!! I am not here so while but i still active on other forums, and finally first in history we opened heretic's and hexen's forums including actively development of hexen2. welcone here https://hexenworld.org/forum/index.php
  16. I replied to your pm to me many days ago. I didn't approve you because NGQ is cancelled. It will officially expire on Nov 12 but, I am probably going to shut it down from the front end much sooner. Honestly, I don't understand how you were able to register in the first place. I pointed my registration form to quakeone easily a week before you registered. @lack of community interest It's not only that. My interests in life have nothing to do with quake. I'm currently programming ARM microcontrollers and all peripherals from the ground up (no libraries except mandatory c library and microcontroller boot library). It's far more rewarding and has far greater potential for doing something that is actually useful. I've always wanted to build a device of my own but, I never knew where to even begin. In these days of Arduino's and Raspberry Pi's the information is abundant. However, I am not using any premade SBC. My project is being built up from the microcontroller on handmade PCB's. 149 tutorials later I am hella confident in what I am doing. I could probably even stop watching tutorials at this point. I can read data sheets with understanding and translate the data to errorless C. There is no reason why I can't figure out everything on my own. I kind of like watching how people approach things differently, though.
  17. Well, that are strong words MadGypsy. I thought I found the relicks of the old QuakeOne on your website NextGenQuake. It looks really good, and I took some time to register myself. Now I'm waiting for two weeks and I don't get approval to do anything. For info it fits, but for usefull information to let's say Latchford I'm still blocked. I see you have a hard job struggling with the disapointment for lack of intrest. But hey man! There are still people that care for some good old Quake. It is not only your site that catches hard rain, InsideQc has the same fall off, AIcafe vanished, Quake Terminus is a frozen island. There is no way to catch your attenton, no email, private messages don't get recalled. WorldPress Theme gives a noreply.com. I don't blame you for anything, just give me access to NextGenQuake, Ok? Thanks. 8)
  18. New additions to the Startrek Quake1 Mod. The Cargobay. Ten Forward. The Core. 8)
  19. ToonQuake If you use Darkplaces engine and thought it would be better if it looked like a cartoon. Give this a try! it https://www.facebook.com/groups/QDUniverse/permalink/1995012917460832/
  20. This is my monster retexturing W.I.P https://www.facebook.com/groups/1732010550385367/permalink/2332135680372848/
  21. Here is a larger version of the image, since I suspect it is too small to notice any detail (sorry about that): http://www.quaketastic.com/files/jrbase1_map.png
  22. Wow. It's been literally years since I last talked about this. Due to an unexpected illness that took the best of me for a few months, I essentially stopped doing work on the tool. It was only until a few weeks ago (also, 3 years later :surprised:) that I finally had the state of mind required to continue with it. One thing I did was to discard entirely the previous code, since it felt like I was modifying way too much of the original code and, as a consequence, altering the way the original editing tool was supposed to look and function. My current objective, thus, is to introduce as little changes as possible to the original source, by creating surrogates for the original NeXTStep UI view classes, using the most basic application template available for OSX / MacOS, using methods currently marked as deprecated (that still work), allowing a few compilation warnings into the code, and so on. While there is still a lot of work to do, the application is now at a level where I feel satisfied with my work on it, with no radical changes to the UX and / or functionality. Maps can now be opened, the Camera / XY / Z views of the map are now fully visible, (most) mouse and key interactions work as expected, and while I had to make some tough decisions in the way things are rendered in the app, for the most part, the code still respects the original rendering mechanism established by Carmack et al. Attached is a screenshot of the app in Dark mode in the latest version of Mac OS. ​​​
  23. I really thank you for this one of the best forums, where you can get outstanding stories.Thank you again. Best Free PC Games
  24. Thanks but, now only crouch when the player is in mid-air. My code maybe need some tinkering Thanks anyway
  25. So if I get it right this qc file would make the player crouch, but it has a bug. Where should I place it, I mean does it go for player.qc or crouch.qc? I will take a look at it. Meanwhile, here's a modified ai.qc I made for the same purpose. It has a ai_crouch line on 580. Place it in the usual qcc code and see how it goes. http://home.kpn.nl/lo2kf8/quake/crouch_ai.zip ;)
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